Monday, February 4, 2019

New Semester Start

Sometimes, getting back into the swing of things after a break like winter break can be
difficult for a teacher and their students.

Ask your mentor teacher what their strategy is for getting students back to work.

Post your response in the comments by 11:59 pm on Friday, February 8th.


  1. Allison Garcia
    For Ms. Harlow class, they spend about a week going back over all of the expectations. They set up reading and writing workshop expectations again and kind of jump right back in to routine. It is a lot of talking about what our class expectations are throughout the day. Also they even go as far as talking about bathroom rules again. It really helps set the tone for the second semester.

  2. The thing my teacher does is goes over all the rules again just to make sure they know it all. They also start the lesson with something they enjoy to do. that is to help them get back into the routine.

  3. Celicia Creswell
    The thing my teacher does to help my students get back into the routine is talk about the rules and the expectations all over again. Not only that but also reminding them what they should and not do through out the day. Also a lot of patience because most of the students will feel sleepy and have to get used to their routine again.

  4. kennedy penland
    My teacher helps students get back into the routine by putting up the expectations on the projector. The first couple of days she was letting little things slide, but a couple days later she was more stern with the rules. Most of the students knew what was expected of them but for those who weren't on topic she would move their seats to the front.

  5. my teacher and me have planned a fundraiser so we can encourage the kids to stay focused and work so that we can replace our tap shoes and get a professional choreographer to come in for spring show as a treat for the kids!


  6. My host teacher helps his students regain momentum in their learning by recaping some skills the first two weeks and through repetitive teaching.

  7. My mentor teacher gets her students back to work after coming back from breaks like Winter Break by encouraging them to look forward to the new semester in a positive way. For example, they all came up with "WIGs," or Wildly Important Goals, for the second semester that encouraged the students to get excited for a new semester of school.

  8. The thing my mentor does is she lets the kids have a circle time like we do and they get to talk about all the things they did over winter break, so they can get it out their systems and then go over expectations for the class and the school. She also dose like s summary what they learned last semester and what they are going to learn this semester and how it all applies to each other.

  9. After a long break my mentor teacher will use her "starters" to get the students back in the swing of things. The starters are usually review, except after the break it is typically from all the previous units.

  10. My teacher did a project with a students that helped them get motivated and get them back into the routine that they were in before. She, also, made a chart that uses a point system that will either give them extra recess time or less recess time depending on how they listen to directions.

  11. Madison Meyer
    My teacher did a project asking what they did over break and what they want to do better this semester and so after finsihing the worksheet, she introduced the new things they would be learning so they could try out their new goals.

  12. My teacher has her class all gather around on the floor in a circle and each student can say what they did on their break or long weekend. Then, my teacher always has her students doing an assignment related to the break. So for an example, after Thanksgiving break, the students had to create a graphic organizer about the food they ate.

  13. Savannah Wilder
    The thing my teacher does is in the morning during team time she gives them all a chance to talk about what they did over the break. She then goes over the class expectations as well as what the schedule will look like for the week so they can get back into the swing of things. She also tries to have the first few days be days where if the students are not fully there it won't hurt their learning.

  14. When the students were coming back from break, my teacher had a discussion with them, and allowed them to talk about what they did over break. She organized this so that the whole class could talk about it at one time, that way the kids wouldn't talk about it while she was trying to teach, and so they wouldn't get distracted when they started working. My teacher also does a thing called Starters, and they are warm ups for the beginning of class, which are usually reviews to ease the kids back into the school work.

  15. When getting students back to work, my teacher uses a few different strategies:
    1. Go up to the student and ask them the "4 questions"
    - What are you doing?
    - What should you be doing?
    - Are you doing that?
    - What are you going to do about that?
    By asking the 4 questions, it puts the decisions back on the students.
    2. Praise the students that are working and following directions.
    - " I like how (student name) is working quietly on their work"
    Usually most students want to be acknowledged for doing the right thing, so they will follow the students that set good examples.
    3. If it's the majority of the class that needs to get back to work, I will tell the class, " We can either get our work done now or at recess." They usually listen to that because they adore their recess time.

    1. (Sorry for the late entry, my teacher just got back to me)

  16. Teresa Avogaro
    My teacher asks the kids "What should you be doing?" and addresses them by name. This way, the kids are certain of who she is addressing and they make eye contact with her in the process. She will also positively affirm the students who are doing well by saying "I love the way ------ is working" and the kids LOVE it. They will sit there and say "I got a compliment!" with a huge smile and it works very well for them.

  17. Kallie Lopez
    My teacher assigns her students a reading log and offers them lunch in the classroom for those who read a certain amount coming back from break. She readdresses the rules and reminds each student how loved and smart they are but that she has to give the students worksheets to them back in the groove of things.

  18. Tori Azuara
    My teacher gave time to students to talk about Christmas and what they did over break. Once this time is over, they go back to the normal day and normal routine.

  19. My teacher did a whole activity involving with what they did over the break to let them get it out of their system. After the activity is over, she lets them take their time to finish their next assignment.

  20. My teacher goes over expectations just like it's the first day of school. She asks them trivia questions to make sure they remember the routine of the classroom.

  21. My mentor teacher eases the kids back into school instead of starting strong right off the bat. Easing them into the routine will help Ms. Guerra take control.

  22. Lea C
    Since we are in the library, my teacher doesn't have much to do to bring students back on track. She does more interactive lessons to keep their attention, instead of just reading a book and asking questions like usual.

  23. Hailey Quick
    The TAG students just jump into learning after break. They have missed their friends and being challenged. Mrs.Risinger said that they love having a routine and typically are very excited to start learning again. It’s after Valentine’s Day that they struggle until spring break. Then they struggle even more until STAR. She said that none of them really are focused ( including her) on learning after that. They tend to already be prepared for STAR since they are TAG students.