Monday, November 26, 2018

Developmentally Appropriate Classrooms

Have you ever wondered what your classroom says about you and your students?  What would an outsider's first impression be of your classroom? Is your room filled with engaging materials?  Is your curriculum appropriate? Do you plan for transitions? Do you use positive guidance with the children?

All of these factors work together to build a classroom that is developmentally appropriate - a place that is comfortable, safe, and secure. The developmentally appropriate classroom is a carefully planned room where children can initiate learning. It is a place that meets the needs of the children and provides materials that are age appropriate, individually appropriate, and culturally appropriate.

Research has shown that children in developmentally appropriate programs are less stressed, less anxious about tests, better creative thinkers, and better communicators. However, children have a number of limitations depending on their developmental level.  Educators must ensure that children are provided with an age appropriate, individually appropriate, and culturally appropriate environment.
There are many aspects involved in making a classroom developmentally appropriate, including: the physical environment, curriculum, teacher involvement and parent involvement. These aspects should be integrated so children get the best experience possible from their classrooms.

The developmentally appropriate classroom is a safe, secure, and stimulating place where each child can grow physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Classrooms should consist of developmentally appropriate materials and learning centers for the children to explore. The general
atmosphere of the classroom should be relaxed because children learn more when they feel psychologically safe.
Describe a developmentally appropriate activity that you have observed your mentor teacher use in their classroom.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Multiple Intelligences

Read up about Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Then, watch this video about multiple intelligences in action.

Tell me what you think:
Do you agree or disagree with Howard Gardner’s theory?

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Training New Teachers

Imagine you have recently accepted a position as an assistant principal at an elementary school. One of your duties is to train new teachers in classroom management. What classroom management skills would you like your prospective teachers to possess? Use the following questions to gather your thoughts.

  • Think about your favorite teacher. What made this teacher special? Did he or she have good classroom management? Describe his or her classroom.
  • What is classroom management?
  • Why is a positive learning environment important and how does it relate to the success of students?
  • How do classroom management skills relate to the success or failure of a classroom? Of a student? Of a teacher?
  • What characteristics do you possess to promote effective learning skills?

Write the answers to the questions in the comments by 11:59 pm on Friday November 9th.